will politics wreck havoc on organic farming?

Although we are hunkered down with farm planning and other essential business tasks that we normally do before our season hits – it is hard not to follow the current political climate especially its potential impact on our livelihood.

In a recent article in Mother Jones, ‘ Dark Forces’ Are Coming For Your Organic Food”, Tom Philpott discusses the possibility of the National Organic Program being one of the regulations that the Trump administration will remove. Really?  Can you imagine?

Philpott cites the Freedom Caucus’s inclusion of the NOP on the recommended list of regulations to remove. Kathleen Merrigan, a former deputy secretary at USDA under Obama, has characterized the situation as ” ‘the forces of darkness’ are coming together and saying, ‘Let’s sharpen our knives on organic.’ ” The article further tracks agribusiness lobbyists from Olsson, Frank & Weeda calling for USDA oversight on organics to be “reformed”. Well one can only imagine.

Let’s stay engaged, vigilant and outspoken.


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