Farm Offerings

We are an extremely small farm – out of our total acreage –  about 6.5 acres are in cultivation. In the summer months we mostly sell to our community because our fresh products – fruit, mushrooms, greens, ginger, honey, herbs, eggs –  are so limited. Throughout the year our value-added products – dried herb mixes, dried teas, dried soup blends, as well as our fruit preserves, condiments and confections – our always available and changing with each season.

How We Operate – Where We Sell

In past years we have operated a 3 season CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, subscription service. Spring and Fall products are delivered and Summer is pick up on the farm. Since 2012 we decided we could not manage the CSA and get all of the work done that was needed – house and barn painting, forest thinning, organic certification, business and farm planning. In 2013 and 2014, we formed a cooperative CSA with Good Nature Farm in Dighton. In 2015 we started selling off our e-commerce site, Agraria Edibles or go to the Shop Online section of this site.For 2017 you can pick up on farm or order online – we can deliver or ship depending on the product.

What’s Available When

We will have things available throughout the year – our value-added goods, eggs, honey, and dried mushrooms run all year. Then in late spring our fresh asparagus, rhubarb and early strawberries begin in May,  there is more fruit to come with the beginning of the summer season, along with herbs, greens, and our ginger through late summer. If you are looking for fresh product, please contact us – we have small amounts of many things and operate on a first come – first served basis.

How We Advertise – Stay in Touch

We advertise what’s available on our Web site, by word of mouth, on  Facebook (Agraria Farm & Edibles)  and in newsletters to our customers. You can sign up to receive regular updates here on our Agraria Farm site or on Agraria Edibles or on Facebook.

If you are interested in our products, please call: 508.336.3823 (leave a message if need be) or e-mail: agrariafarm@gmail.com. Like us on Facebook, Agraria Farm & Edibles.

As always, we are so grateful for the support of our outstanding customers, neighbors, friends and family!

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