Rhubarb is $3.50 per pound – about 6 -8 stalks. Berries are $6.00 per dry quart or $3.00/ pint. Figs are $7.00 per quart (about 10 figs). 

Check in with us about quantities and timing of harvest – due to wildly erratic weather!! We will pick and have ready for on-farm pick up. Deliveries to Rehoboth and neighboring communities can be arranged.

  • Rhubarb – not available after June 1
  • Strawberries – season ends 15 June
  • Raspberries – Red, Yellow, Purple, & Black – July, August & September
  • Blueberries – July –  none in 2016
  • Blackberries – July, August & September
  • Currants – Black, Red, White – July
  • Gooseberries – July
  • Elderberries – July (flowers) & August
  • Jostaberries – July
  • Lingonberries – September & October – very limited
  • Figs – June (very limited early crop), August (main crop)
  • Melons – August
  • Plums & Apricots – August/ September -limited availability in 2016


Price per pound is $8.00 – 10.00 – that is about 8- 10 medium mushrooms. Call us for availability – these go fast and flush or fruit periodically. We offer our mushrooms dried and produce several value-added products, such as mushroom tea, salad dressing mix, soup mix and others. Contact us for details.

  • Shiitake
  • Oyster

Ginger & Turmeric

We grow several varieties of ginger. We will sell the root fresh but contact us – as we dry and process a good deal of this for our dried teas, candied ginger and marmalade. We begin to harvest late August into September.


One bunch of herbs – about 6 – 8 stems is $2.50 per bunch. We will combine herbs for a mixed bunch as well. All available in summer.

  • Chives
  • Basil – Italian, Thai and scented varieties
  • Dill
  • Cilantro
  • Chervil
  • Lemon Grass
  • Mints – several varieties
  • Lavender
  • Tarragon
  • Thyme
  • Fennel – leaf
  • Parsley – curly & flat leaf
  • Lovage
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Sage
  • Rosemary – limited


Eggs are $6.50 per dozen or $3.50 per half dozen.

These are not graded or sized. They are certified organic. A word about our pricing  – the cost of organic feed is prohibitive – so the cost per dozen reflects rising feed costs. Our hens are organically fed and pastured – that means we spend a lot of time ensuring that they are incredibly healthy and actively foraging. We believe they are superior eggs -even  to supermarket organic and to backyard free range. Taste them and decide for yourself!


In season $5.50 / lb. Not available after June 15.

Lettuces & Greens Mixes

Contact us for what’s being picked and prices. For 2016 not available.

  • Head Lettuce – several varieties
  • Arugula – not during summer months
  • Spinach – not during summer months
  • Mesclun mixes – several varieties – mustard, asian
  • Mache
  • Cress


Mixed bunches  – contact us for what’s in season & prices

  • peonies – spring
  • iris – spring
  • zinnias – late summer & fall
  • dahlias – late summer & fall

Value-Added Products

Our value-added products are made from family recipes or recipes we’ve developed over decades of working with fresh produce. We use the best ingredients available – including locally sourced and organic. All of our dry ingredients – bought at market – all certified organic. And all fruit used is either Agraria grown or sourced from local farms – except where noted. In most recipes – 80 -100% of the ingredients are organic.  Many of our value-added products – are not certified organic – except as below for our dried herbs, teas and mushrooms.

The produce we grow (vs prepared food) are certified with Baystate Organic Certifiers (BOC). Our dried mushroom products, tea mixes and herb blends are also certified organic through BOC.

  • Dried Mushrooms – whole, soup  mix, salad dressing mix – from $4.50 – $10.00 – made with our own mushrooms, herbs and Agraria grown produce.
  • Dried Herb Blends – seasonal varieties, 2 oz,  $4.50
  • Dried Tea Mixes – Lemon Ginger and Ginger Mint, 2 oz. $6.50
  • Fruit Leathers – strawberry/ rhubarb, wild grape, fig, and assorted berries.  $1.25 per roll – 2″ x 4″ – seasonal availability based on harvest. All fruit and honey from on farm.
  • Dried Fruit – plain and spiced: apples, peaches, pears – $3.50 per bag – about 10 – 12 pieces. Some fruit is not grown on-farm, but is sourced through local farms.
  • Pates de Fruits or jellied fruit confections – made around the Christmas Holidays in a range of flavors – lime, blood orange, cranberry, currant, wild grape, assorted berry, and apricot. Call for pricing.
  • Cider Caramels – made from locally sourced apple cider and available in the fall.
  • Baked Goods – Cherry or Mixed Raisin Scones: $5.50 per bag of 4; Fruit Bars – raspberry, blackberry, blueberry or apricot: $6.50 per bag of 6; Lemon Squares: $4.50 per bag of 6; Assorted Shortbread: $4.00 per bag of 8 bars; Hermits: $5.50 per bag of 6;  Pies & Fruit Galettes available seasonally – call for pricing.
  • Preserves & Condiments –  of all types after the season $7.50 – $8.50 per 8 oz jar
  • Honey – 1 lb / $ 12.50 – call us for availability. We are treatment- free beekeepers. Bee hives in this part of the country cannot be certified organic unless they control the 2 – 3 mile bee forage area.

If you’re interested in ordering a delicious dessert for a special party or event – please contact us. We make a variety of wonderful desserts we do not sell through our regular value-added line. Old favorites such as bettys, cobblers, crisps, crumbles, pandowdies, clafoutis, buckles, grunts, slumps – well you get the idea – we make with our own fruit when possible!

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