We sell primarily in retail outlets, although occasionally we will do a market or sell to restaurants, please contact us if there is something special you need.

Agraria Edibles, E-Commerce Site, an online store to purchase 24/7. Go to ‘Shop Online’ on our website home page. You can arrange for on farm pick-up or delivery if you live near Rehoboth, MA. We do ship certain items – so check the site.

Special Order & Pick-Up Produce, if there is something in season that you would like to have – contact us – we will pick for you and have ready for pick up on the farm. We appreciate 24 – 48 hour notice.

Value-Added Products, Check out our current value-added offerings list – in the ‘products’ page. If there is something from our value-added list that you would like – we ask that you give us at least 24 hours to make and have ready for pick-up.

Special Events & Flower Arrangements, in the past we have done some limited special events and/ or flower arrangements. We use material from the farm and it is usually limited in quantity – but we love doing small special events.

Workshops & Talks, we have offered workshops on a variety of topics from crafts to farm how to. This fall we may offer workshops on topics for small-scale farmers, homesteaders and anyone interested in learning some of our techniques – from tool making to small scale intensive practices we use. So check back in later this summer.

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      After the many weather events of the last few months, this Autumn has turned into a bit of a rollercoaster with fluctuating temperatures. At the […]

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