Here you will find lots of resources on small scale farming. It’s an attempt to share with you the journey we’ve taken striving to be a viable small scale farm. This is by no means complete – but a sampling of what we feel might be useful to home gardeners, other small farmers and anyone interested in the our food system. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to find something and it isn’t here. And sometime in the future, we will add and slice/ dice the information to be more useful. In the meantime, although we’re not Google, we’ll try to point you in the right direction!

Small Scale Farm Websites

This is a fraction of the list I have bookmarked on my computer, but these sites are either people I know, farms close to me geographically or sites I visit frequently. All of them are incredibly useful to me and I hope they will be for you.

  • Roxbury Farm: www.roxburyfarm.com – crop rotation and planning software
  • Brix Bounty Farm: www.brixbounty.com – interesting readings and nutrient density information and other really useful things
  • Kingbird Farm: www.kingbirdfarm.com – wonderful information on a variety of topics including care of livestock
  • Natick Community Organic Farm: www.natickfarm.org – really knowledgeable farmers on a variety of topics and a great nonprofit model
  • Hawthorne Valley Farm: www.hawthornevalleyfarm.org – wonderful bio-dynamic farm
  • The Kitchen Garden: www.kitchengardenfarm.com – lots of useful information and a great farm

Small Scale Farming Practices & Techniques

  • SPIN (Small Plot Intensive) Farming: www.spinfarming.com
  • BioIntensive with John Jeavons: http://www.johnjeavons.info/index.html
  • Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association: www.biodynamics.com
  • Center for Micro Eco-Farming: www.microecofarming.com
  • The Permaculture Institute: www.permaculture.org
  • The Sustainable Farmer: www.sustainablefarmer.com
  • National Center for Appropriate Technology: www.ncat.org
  • Rodale Institute: www.rodaleinstitute.org

Soil Testing

  • Logan Labs: http://www.loganlabs.com/index.html
  • Cornell University/ Soil Health + Testing: http://soilhealth.cals.cornell.edu/extension/test.htm
  • Rodale Institute: http://www.rodaleinstitute.org/soillabtest
  • UMass/ Amherst – Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Lab: http://www.umass.edu/soiltest/list_of_services.htm
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service, Soil Web Survey: http://websoilsurvey.nrcs.usda.gov/app/HomePage.htm

Listservs & Blogs

  • Tiny Farm Blog: http://tinyfarmblog.com/
  • First Root Farm: http://firstrootfarm.com/
  • Call of the Land/ Steve McFadden: http://thecalloftheland.wordpress.com/
  • Going To Seed, Daniel Brisebois: http://goingtoseed.wordpress.com/
  • City Bees/ San Francisco: http://citybees.blogspot.com

Nonprofit Organizations & Agencies

  •  Baystate Organic Certifiers: www.baystateorganic.org – local certifying agency
  • National Organic Program Information: www.ams.usda
  • USDA Economic Research Service: http://www.ers.usda.gov/features/organic/organicfarming.htm – stats on organic farming
  • National Center for Appropriate Technology: www.ncat.org – wonderful resource for small scale intensive farmers
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