Our Recipes

Here are some of our favorite recipes – some from family or friends, others adapted from clippings or cookbooks – but tried and true over the years – they are a staple of Agraria Kitchen. Below is a fraction of what we have – so check back often to find more.


We have loads of ways to use herbs – every spring we are so excited to see what comes back – in the field and we overwinter the tender ones in our barn. We find ways to use these beauties in everything we do – from food to crafts. Stay tuned for some wonderful ideas we’ve collected: from honey & vinegar (below) to sugars, jellies, tisanes or teas, pesto to bouquets and sachets.

Herbal Vinegar






Infused Herbal Honey


Fruit Recipes

In my home, we always loved fruit desserts. And so over the years, I’ve collected lots of them from family, friends, cookbooks, newspaper clippings – way too many to manage! When it came to terminology though – it could be quite confusing: slump, grunt, pandowdy, buckle, crumble, crisp, clafouti…?! Below is a brief description of these and more – so you can navigate your way through yummie fruit desserts.

Buckles: A cake bottom layer (often a yellow cake) with berries and then a topping. The name comes from the cake layer rising and making ‘buckles’ when it meets the berries!  See my blueberry buckle below.

Grunts: Often made in a cast iron skillet (my mother had a wonderful old, heavy seasoned one) with a layer of fruit topped with biscuit dough. The fruit is cooked on the stove top and when ready dough is added to the top and placed in the oven – covered.   The steam from the fruit cooks the dough – and supposedly this sound is where the name comes from!

Slumps: Made in the oven uncovered – with fruit on the bottom and a topping. The name is derived from how the dish shifts and ‘slumps’ when cooked. Or one version is that it is the eater who ‘slumps’ after consumption!

Crumbles: A layer of fruit with a ‘crumbled’ topping.

Crisps: Same as a crumble but with a ‘crispier’ topping. See Rhubarb Crisp recipe below.

Clafoutis: Comes from 19th century France and is usually made with cherries, baked and made with a flan like batter where the berries rise to the surface. It is finished with confectioner’s sugar and slivered almonds. The is derived from the verb, clafir, to fillSee my recipe below for a berry version.

Bettys: Like a bread pudding, bettys are made of fruit as a middle layer – between a sweet cracker or bread crumb top and bottom layer. The most famous being Apple Brown Betty. We think it was named for the Betty who invented this delicious dessert – someone back there in the kitchen – not Betty Crocker!

Pandowdys: Looks like a pie – with or without bottom crust  – but becomes ‘dowdy’ when at the end of baking the top crust is slashed and is pressed to allow fruit to bubble up. A favorite of President John Adams.


Rhubarb Crisp


Cold Strawberrry Soup


Fruit Cobbler





Blueberry Buckle

Berry Clafouti


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