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How we came to be farming here: who, what, where, how, & why. It’s our story and we want to share it with you. Learn more…

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What’s being harvested this week + a list of our farm offerings: products, services & value-added creations – Check it out…


The education of this farmer – the reading lists, workshops, webinars, tools, and much more,  read on


A sampling of information for small scale farms – other farms, ag blogs & listservs, nonprofits, agencies, – where we go to seek assistance, more

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Winter on the farm means altering our schedule to conform to the season’s weather and limitations. It is both a blessing and a curse. We […]

Farm Journal

Here is a really great bee video to educate people on bees – and a shot of our farm is included – although most of […]

Agricultural Currents

Agraria has been focused on managing our bees more intensely this year – due to fluctuating weather conditions, early swarms and irregular blooming cycles. Late […]